How to manage the dynamic value of the html field

Hi folks,
need help for the selection of the respective html field

as it’s change dynamically but I get only the static value, like if one report is showing at 1 over the today’s search then it might chances it will be change tomorrow search like 2.

value is always be like 8 on every search

could you please elaborate your problem statement. if you want to go to that particular webpage you can use a “Navigate To” Activity and provide the URL of that webpage. Google search results are dynamic so use above mentioned activity to proceed else please explain your problem statement.

Hi Muhammed,

As you saw the above screenshots, there you see the values at output panel. I have mentioned view keywords over the excel. when I search all those value over google, then google set it’s ranking which I have mentioned. over different keyword search that ranking values is getting change that I need to print at my output panel. How would I do that

Could you please let me know which chrome extension you are using for search result numbering ?. Mostly you have to build a dynamic selector with the help of “Indicate Anchor” in UiExplorer . Use a get text and indicate the number once the selector is generated use indicate anchor option and select the corresponding website and make sure that the selector contains only essential (For example if you change the website the selector should indicate to new number)

I am using SERP trend extention. Can you please explain me a bit in brief about your solution as I am new on this platform


Please try below selectors from your ui explorer or get text

here you can notice that aaname property is only changing but it will get you result

Sequence1.xaml (5.9 KB)

make sure that before running this workflow you have your google search opened in chrome

Just one thing to know as I need to check the ranking of a respective String " › Latest Published Reports

I had used the IF condition on this So when ever I will search for the report then I need to see the ranking of this String only.
you will see while you will search for the respective data,
“Cables and Connector Market Report”
“cables and connector market report”


in the workflow i shared if you change the title of selector to title=‘Cables and Connector Market Report - Google Search’ it will work since you are interested in allied keep aaname as aaname=‘’ itself. mark as solution if found useful

I m unable to open your file as it’s showing me an error

What I need to do exactly I will mentioning

  1. I need to search of the respective keyword which I am mentioning at my excel like"cables and connector market report"
  2. and get the text of the ranking as per the given link " › Latest Published Reports
    " on every search

Now What process I need to flow ??

Try opening the attached workflow Excel Test (2).zip (14.8 KB)

Hi @unknownay

I saw your file I please tell me in brief what exactly you are up to in that


Here you can see that a selector is build with an anchor so it takes the Number (Ranking) corresponding to the URL.

Hope you ran the workflow with chrome search result open. is it working ?

I got this

Please open chrome and search cloud computing services market once you get this screen run this workflow.

and run this workflow

Sir Whar if I need to run for more then one value


Loop through your list or datatable what ever collection you have. Change this part of selector also


title you can see

it will give you ranking of allied always

Please mark as solution if found useful :slight_smile: (753.9 KB)

over here how I can use that part which made over your workflow