How to manage strings which ends with single quote


Mystring is [\s]+[A-Za-z]+[?<=]+[?<"]"
I Am using it in matches as “[\s]+[A-Za-z]+[?<=]+[?<”]"" in pattern property but it is giving me error saying end of expression expected. How to resolve this issue

Hi @Sana_Afreen

Can u try like this

“[\s]+[A-Za-z]+[?<=]+[?<”]" “”

Hi Nived.
Tried. it is giving same error

Hi @Sana_Afreen

I think u can try this way

Put ur regex pattern In text file and then read it using read text file activitiy and store in string and specify that string in the regex Part

Try that

It may works


Nived N :robot:

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