How to manage SAP popups

Hi to all…
I have a big problem with handling a save file popup, from SAP.
Given that the office package is not installed on the Virtual Machines, when I extract a table from SAP, this popup appears.

I can’t close it.
If I work manually, I can click anywhere, or use the ESC key and the popup disappears.
If I make the bot do the same operations, it doesn’t work.
Every action I insert goes into Timeout.

I tried with a Load Imagine … with the same result.
Has anyone had this problem? how did it solve?


Not clear, which SAP transaction? Which kind of table? Which popup you are getting when manual execution, which popup with robot. Share as much screenshots as you can.

But let me guess, they issue can be solved with this:

Best regards, Lev

Hi @AaronMark
First got focus into dialog/popup using “Click image” for example.
Second send ESC key using “TypeInto” (un-checking ‘Activate’ property to avoid lost focus)

Hi @AaronMark

Are you using Chrome? Try disable auto opening of file after download. Settings > Advanced Settings > Clear Auto Opening.

I try to answer everyone in this answer.

@ Lev Kushnir
Maybe I could fix it by changing SAP settings, but this is against company policy, so I can’t follow this option.
It was my first proposal to my colleagues.

@ lepuminJosé L. Rodríguez
I can try. I have to postpone rehearsals until tonight. The servers are busy now. I’ll take a test.

@ GreenTea
I don’t use SAP web, but a client installed on the virtual machine. So I don’t open internet explorer or chrome.

After invoking a transaction, setting up a query, I display a list of items on the monitor.
Below, I extract the file as an excel sheet. (.xlsx)

Then I start to compile the save string.
Save the file.
After the save is complete, SAP wants to open the file.
Not having OFFICE, he clearly asks me which program to associate it with.

This popup however is different from the usual ones.
It is not a SAP window that I can intercept as usual.

Manually, if I click anywhere on the monitor, if I click on a client key, or if I click on “ESC”, it disappears.

If I repeat these same operations with UiPath, however it doesn’t seem to do anything, until the flow stops x Timeout.

Hi Guys, yesterday I was able to take a new test, then I had to stop for maintenance… :frowning:
Anyway my test It seems to work, but I still need your help.
I introduced some steps, Load Image, Find image, Click Image.
It works. But the Find Image takes more than 1 minute to figure out that the popup is there. It’s too much.
What can it depend on?

1 - For First, I made a stamp of the popup and saved it.
Then I introduce the Load Imagine command



2 - I introduce the FiND IMAGE command as it is set. (no delay, no timeout)


3 - Click Activity. Considering that I have to click OUT of the popup to remove it, I have introduced this CLICK




I also tried to use another image, already present on the monitor, before the Popup.

So, I added a 5 second delay.
Then I looked for another type of image, and indicated to click in the center of this image.
Same outcome. It works, but the wait is over a minute.

Can Help me?

@AaronMark can you show us finally the SAP screen you want to automate? :slight_smile: I still have no idea, where you are…

I can collect the image, only in 5 hours. Not before.
In any case, the popup appears only if there is no OFFICE package installed.
If you have OFFICE on your PC, after extracting a file, it is opened on an excel sheet.
So it’s hard to replicate the scenario if you have Office.
If Office is not present, every time you download a File from SAP, (in any transaction),
the “file-program” association POPUP appears


If you want I can share the WorkFlow…

@ Lev Kushnir

This is the FBL1N transaction.
After setting up a query, I see the table on the monitor.
I need to fetch the table, then call the File Download.
at SAVE AS, I enter the file name … AAAAA.XLSX, then click SAVE.

At this point, SAP wants to open the file by default.
Not having OFFICE, this popup appears, which I have to manage.

The same problem arises later.
I have to extract the supplier payments, searching for the customer by SAP ID.
I arrange the table, download the file, save as … and then the POPUP appears, identical.

HI @AaronMark

I would suggest to use this solution don't open automatically the excel file during download in SAP | SAP Community

Sounds pretty good for me.

Best regards, Lev

PS: by the way, the popup you are showing it not an SAP popup, it is a Windows popup. Anyway try the solution from SAP forum - see above