How to manage multiple prioritized bots schedule with out any delay due to previous bots running status

Hello All,

The scenario can be like - Machine name: ABCD
Suppose there are 2 bots(bot1, bot2) scheduled on ABCD machine, consider time slots as 1PM-2PM and 2 PM - 3PM respectively.

These schedules cannot be altered or delayed due to criticality of the process.
So how to manage or what can we do if due to bot1 execution is in progress and its 2 PM now. bot2 is also critical, we cannot delay its execution by waiting for bot1 to complete.

Can any1 suggest a way to manage this scenario or some relative scenarios in any ways?

@ovi @badita

Hello @Shubham_Tiwari,

You can set “Stop Job After” on the Process Trigger to 55/50 minutes based on time taken to process one transaction. If you are using REFramework, the process will safely come to an end. If you are not using REFramework then you can “kill” the process (But I don’t recommend doing this).


Hope this helps ! Kudos :slight_smile: