How to manage multiple activities on the same page?

I have multiple activities on the same page that are sequential such as clicking on filter then removing filter as All, typing a value and selecting that filter.

However, there is a lag between each subsequent action, as selecting one activity and doing action takes sometime for data to load. To achieve this i have added Delay after… it works fine with some predefined values, but is it a right way to achieve this action?

Can’t we have a way to know previous activity was completed then we must execute next action?

Hello @nikhil.bansal,

Is there any changes in icon or page, where you can detect that the data is perfectly loaded???


Data loading takes time, so I had to add delay’s.
Also, how to tackle network lags or page loading delay’s because sometimes it takes longer than expected to load a page.
For example : on clicking on Year Month it takes time to show pop-up window.
However, when it does it shows menu with checkbox selected. I just need to select the year month. for example - 202006