How to make UiPath Assistant to stay in System tray and not launched as UI application, when server is started/rebooted?

Starting from UiPath Robot [fresh installation or upgrade] v 20.4.x, when the Windows servers are restarted or rebooted, UiPath Assistant launches as Desktop application. How to make sure that UiPath Assistant should only show as icon in System Tray but does not launch as a Desktop Application?

When the robot is installed or upgraded from lower version to 20.4.x or later version, if the option for Automatically start Client is selected then this flag is responsible for making the UiPath Assistant as startup apps, which would make UiPath Assistant to get launched on every windows restart/reboot.

Reference :


Automatically start Client option is disabled by default, when the fresh installation for robot is performed and unless we manually select this option - UiPath Assistant will not be started on System launch/reboot, as mentioned in below official documentation 


To enable or disable UiPath Assistant from opening on windows start-up, below are the 2 approaches:

Approach 1 : Change startup applications by Windows settings :

In order to make any application as windows startup apps or remove them from being a startup app, click here  for guidance to check the application in Windows Startup Apps

Approach 2 : Re-run the same msi or exe installer:

If the same installer is triggered we can select the option to change and modify only Automatic start client option and other settings would be taken care as they were before, hence there will not be any impact on the existing setup, apart from UiPath Assistant will no longer launch at windows startup application. 


Note : Above links will be useful when the UiPath Assistant needs to enabled or disabled as a start-up application. However, in order to have UiPath Assistant as startup application but launch only in system tray and not as desktop Ui, please follow below steps :
1. Disable UiPath Assistanct from Start-up using any of the above approaches
2. Run a powershell script which can be set to run on every windows restart or reboot. Below is the sample powershell script which starts UiPath Assistant in System Tray : 

Start-Process -FilePath "${env:ProgramFiles(x86)}\UiPath\Studio\UiPathAssistant\UiPath.Assistant.exe" -WindowStyle Hidden