How to make top component infinite

Use -1 in the Top property.


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What do you mean by infinite?

If i am not getting wrong then you just wants to fetch all outlook mail messages then so for now to get more you can use “-1” to get Int positive and negative count limit it will may be hang or take a lot of time because it takes count so it will have Int count limit.

so for now to get you can use “-1” to get Int positive and negative count limit but to get all messages from account is depends on persons account as well may be you have 1000 but other can more then of that.


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based on the subject i need to get all unread mails

yes then make Onlyunreadmessage checked and pass that subject in filter property.

no need mention top component then?i mean numeric value

only when you wants the top how many you wants the top results from your outlook.

Top - The number of messages to be retrieved starting from the top of the list

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ok thank you

i need to filter which contains the substring (Application) in subject

i want to do it this section
and mark as unread and top empty
does this things make us to read all the unread mails of particular subject
“[Subject]=‘[%application%]’” i tried this it didn’t worked out

for each mail in mailmeassge
i tried this but in this case i should mention top component
i don’t want to mention top component all unread messges should be read based on subject

Hey @shruti

Partially. In current implementation only strict filters (no wildcards) can be made.

Contains should not have an asterisk or % wildcard operators.
Either use item.Subject.Contains(“application”) or item.Subject Like "application"*