How to make the process faster if delays are needed in the website l am working on to perform actions?

I am automating a process on Solpotify ( where I need to add 100 songs to different new playlists, the process now taking 8 to 9 minutes because I am using 2 seconds delay on 2 different activities, without these delays the process will not work properly and an exception will be thrown because the website needs time to perform actions.

Steps (repeats 100 times):
1- Type Into activity to type song name in the search field (2 seconds delay after)
2- Hover activity to hover on the song name (hover is needed for options button to appear)
3- Click activity to click options button.
4- Click activity to click “Add to Playlist” button.
5- Click activity to click “New Playlist” button.
6- Type Into activity to type playlist name.
7- Click activity to click “Create” button (2 seconds delay after)

Before these steps I am doing data scraping on other website and login to Spotify and this is taking 1 to 2 minutes from the total time.

Any suggestions to speed up the process?


Often the timeout is what causes the process to take longer. When screen scraping, you will always have to wait for the timeout delay if there are multiple pages of data.

Try lowering your default timeout for activities to speed up the process. Also, adding delays can be avoided if you look for an element which will appear on the screen after you’ve performed an activity. Setting delays risks having the next step executed prematurely.

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Cant comment on other points but for point 1 and 7, instead of delay I use ‘On Element Appear’ activity and keep the rest of activities inside it. I get below benefits with this,

  1. Next activity is executed only after the intended element appears.
  2. There is no lag as next activity gets executed immediately.
  3. Better error handling
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