How to make the indicate on screen work after uipath run?

Usually the function of “indicate on screen” is pre-placed then we run the uipath, but isn’t possible to reverse the step?

My ideal result is : run the uipath> I can frame the image that I want > get the text from the image that I have framed


you can try with this
use a find image activity, then pass the out foundelement

then use the get ocr text activity and pass in the element propertie the variable created early.

hope it helps


@Roger6 I guess its not possible since the UiPath will not let you frame anything (options are disabled) once it starts execution. So, you have to code everything in prior

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@Roger6 I am not sure what you wan tot achieve. But, if you want the UiPath to identify an image then you can use find image or click image activities

I’m able to do so currently but I have faced another issue which is I’m not able to write into excel worksheet and error message is showed