How to make the element exposed to the UiPath if the item element is not exposed?


I have one unclickable element that are not exposed to UiPath, thus it is unable to click using the click activity.

For example, from the accessibility insight for windows, it is shows that the there is no menu item lies under it.
Image 1

And I also notice that there are another menu item that is exposed and I am able to click on the element.

How can I edit the application to make the element exposed to the UiPath, just like the element in image 2 so that I am able to click on it.


Did you try chang the ui framework in ui explorer and tried to spu?


I did tried to change the Ui framework.

And because my boss didn’t allow me to use other activity except than click activity, thus the only ways is to edit the application to make it exposed to UiPath.

and what is the spu that you means?

Hello @g_ii

What do you mean by the element is not exposed? Does that mean you have to click on some button to view it?

Same like in the Tree structure. If you click on each branch it will get expand. So do you want to click on any of these inner element?


cause the in the ui tree there the element stop at the container there and it is unable to show the menu item under the drop down menu and i wanted to click on the menu item.

Ya, I wanted to click on the inner element which cannot find in the ui tree there. And I also did check using tha accessibility application to check the element.

and currently the element is not show in ui tree as the element does not have the right ui automation property as the application is used to check the things.

Thus, I wanted to ask how can i edit the application in order for it to be shown in the ui tree there.


Did you try using shortcuts instead?


The application didn’t have any shortcuts, except the alt+F4.

For this issue, I can’t do anythings on my side, thus, I already request the help from the application’s developer to edit the code so that the elements are able to interact the UiPath

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