How to make the bot to pick data from a excel sheet and paste it on


I need some help with several points within a flowchart

  • Im trying to make the robot to pick a row data from an excel sheet and copy it and paste into citrix enviroment field but I get a exception message everytime : Read Range : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

  • I need the bot to make a decision, if after enter a number in the field a red message on the citrix app appears it should clear the data and try the next row.

there’s catch with this red message is that as a Citrix enviroment it doesnt look like a window message , looks hardcoded into the app

see here

Here’s my current flowchart

Main2 - KS test 102.xaml (56.2 KB)

and this is the excel i only need the bot to copy the rows of the first column


here the excel file BK PREW E-Billing Batch 6.xlsx (25.5 KB)

Aprreciate all your help