How to make sure the RPA BOTs are maintained with same settings?

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We have almost 30 VMWare Servers where we are running bots. However we often face issues on setting up the configurations in these servers. For eg: If we need to change a specific settings in the Internet Proxy Options, we have to login to every single servers and update the same settings. I am curious to know how do you deal with this situation in your organization. Are there any methods you have adopted to make sure the settings are mirrored to all the Servers at once to assure BOTs are running without any issues?

I am hoping my problem statement is clear. Let me know if otherwise. :slight_smile:


In our organization, IT team created separate profile for RPA Bots with all the settings and required applications. If any settings want to change then they will update it into that profile then it will reflect automatically in all other machines.


Hey @lakshman Thanks a lot! I guess that’s something what I’m looking for. Would you be able to give a bit more information on this? I’d like to know what “Profile” are talking about here. If I get the details, then it’ll be helpful for me to request our IT team to implement the same. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @midhunsug661 ,

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Our team has a master imaging server where they update anything that is requested. The same is pushed to every server after testing in weekend patch updates.

I think you may request the infra team to have a superset/master server.

Hope this helps.


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