How to Make sequence or Flow chart or Workflow to Handle Exception

Hi My All Friends,

I am Preparing one workflow which is deleting files from temp folder. In this workflow very basic things are implemented. the only thing which is bit difficult to implement is handling exception. I want to handle below exception.

  1. once All files are selected and they are confirmed to delete . there are pop ups appearing.
  2. one pop appears and in that pop up sometime the check box is checked and sometime it is not - solution want to check if check box is checked then it should directly click on skip and if check box is not checked then it should click on checkbox and then click on skip.
  3. the above mentioned pop up sometime appears twice or thrice- solution want to check the checkbox that many times how many times pop up appears and click on skip. also want to check condition 2 every time.

Please suggest me how I can implement above exception handling. All suggestions are welcomed.

warm regards,
Varun Shinde

Hi @varun_shinde,

Would it not be simpler to get an array of the filepaths;

ar_Str_Filepaths = Directory.GetFiles(Str_FolderPath)

Loop through these files and then use the delete file activity?

This should get rid of any pop-ups or are the files inside of a Sharepoint/Dropbox UI etc?


thanks for reply!

the pop up will definitely appear even if we delete files one by one. the reason is there will be some files in temp folder for which the file will not be deleted .so we need to click on skip. will try your suggestion definitely and will reply if issue is fixed.

Hello @varun_shinde

How many such kind of files which are cannot be deleted from the temp folder? I think its better to remove those files from the array and then trying to delete the file. It will help to avoid unwanted popups.

You can verify whether the files are of some particular extension or from some particular subfolder.