How to make Selectors dynamic

When i am running my workflow the bot identifies the submit button for few user ids and then suddenly it stops identifying it and fails .

  1. My bot searches for the user and and deactivates it .
  2. The deactivating of user is only done when the bot clicks submit
  3. Its identifying the submit for fewer ids in the first and then suddenly it stops identifying .
    i Have make my selector dynamic in such a way it should identify the submit button for the rest of the workflow .
    My selector for clicking on submit button

Hello @Harsh55,
If the issue is caused by the selectors changing after a page reload you can use UiExplorer to identify the changing part of the selectors and use wildcard (*) to make it dynamic.

Another way would be use anchor base to find an element near the submit button and then click submit.

I have tried using the wild cards * and it didn’t work . Is there anyother way i can approach it ?

Like I said earlier, anchor base is another way you can try. Can you post of screenshot of the page? Were you able to determine if the selectors do change? I am asking this because if the selectors don’t change, using a wildcard might not help.