How to make selector dynamic in the web Portal


I have input data in excel and want to set these data into web portal. In the web portal we have Jumper numbers 1 to 6 and each jumper has 2 fields to set i.e. One for the Pass/Fail status and Other for the reading. But in the excel we have random jumper number along with the two input field data. How can we make the selector dynamic so that we can loop through each time with particular jumper details from excel to the web.



Please let me know how to make dynamic and loop through for jumpers.



You dynamic selectors looks like below mostly

<webctrl tag='DIV' innertext='Jumper Run {{varnumber}}: Pass/Fail :' />
<Webctrl tag='Input' type='Text' />

Now you can loop theough the excel and in place of varnumber above use the value coming from excel…for reading also it would be same same…change pass/fail …and the selector is only gor illustration…open ui explorer and try checking the exact selector


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