How to make screenshots of the oracle EBS transactions

Hi Team,

Is there any activity or way to take the screenshot of oracle EBS transactions and paste it in a excel ( adding name) what that screenshot for…?

Thanks in advance

@jimmy_jos1 yes there is an activity “Take Screen shot” in UIAutomation tab you can use this activity ,please let us know if you need any assistance ,

@velanchandru do you have any sample xaml template for us to take reference.

hi Jimmy ,
i’ve attached a sample please check and let me know

ScreenShotExample.xaml (7.6 KB)

Hi @velanchandru

Excel portion is not working…I mean the screenshot should be pasted to excel file

You can do this using the send hotkey activity and pasting it from the clipboard.

When you’re at the point where you want a screenshot, take a screenshot using the print screen button (see thread here on how to do that How can i press PrtScr (print screen) button through robot?)

Then in an excel activity scope use select range to select the cell you want to be the upper-left corner of the screenshot. Then use send hotkey ctrl+v to paste it into excel

@Dave I can take the screenshot now but how to paste that screenshot to the workbook is something i am struggling to achieve…Can you please help me on it or can you send an xaml.file

Use the send hotkey activity. Make sure the Ctrl portion is clicked and in the Key portion put in v

EDIT: This assumes you took the screenshot using print screen which saves it to the clipboard. If you used the take screenshot activity, that saves an image file which is completely different. My post above shows steps on how to do it with the print screen/clipboard method

My requirement is

Step 1 : Take screenshot
Step 2: Open the file were the screenshot has to be pasted, paste the screenshot
Step 3: Close the file…


Please check below screenshot. this might help you


Understood. Please follow the steps from my first comment. It does exactly what you want.

@Dave I understood from your above statement but I have one confusion — how to first open the file in which I want the screenshot to be pasted.and this should be a loop process…

Use Excel application scope to open Excel. Use select range to choose the upper left corner of where you want the screenshot to be pasted. Then use hotkey Ctrl +v to paste the screenshot into your excel file.

If it’s in a loop, all of the above actions (and he capturing of the screenshot using print screen) can be contained within the loop as one iteration

@jimmy_jos1 Here is a very simple xaml showing how to implement what I posted up above.

Main.xaml (12.1 KB)