How to make regex expression of a street address?

Hi team, I am working on a scenario where I want to filter street address like this:

1234 abc line abc beach

i want to delete all those street addresses other than the above mentioned one for example

123 abc road abc beach FL 12345-1234

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated
Thank you

Correct me if am wrong .

You need only this kinds of address and remove all the address which is not same as above


is this street address going to be static or dynamic?

yes I want to remove addresses which contain 5 digits, like 12345 or only digits in the street column

its an example it will be dynamic

Try with this regex


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I hope the above regex will get only the address you need remaining will not be matched in your original input

Try and let us know

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will let you know if it works

thank you for your quick response, there is much variation in the data: let me add a description the address contain 3 digits or 4 digits and in some cases there are only digits in the street column. I want to delete addresses which contains only digits like 1234 or 123456 or any combination of digits and street addresses that contain alphanumeric address with 5 digits