How to make Oracle active once opened


As shown in picture 1 below, the bot opens the country folder and click into Transaction Maintenance form. Then the “On Oracle App Element Appear” activity will wait for the Oracle to open.

However, all the time the activity fail to capture the Oracle (fail to find the selector) because the oracle app was not active (not on top of the screen, as another program overlapped) as shown in picture 2. I can’t close the other program also because I need it for later on.

Anyone knows how to bring it active? Is there any better method? Your help will be highly appreciated.

Picture 1:

Picture 2

Hi @Serran_Neru

You can use Activate activity to activate it :slight_smile:

One more tip for later in your automation. Each of the window has a javastate attribute in selectors that will help you to find the windows that are active in the Java app. This is not used by default, so you will need to find it with UiExplorer

Hi @loginerror,

I’ve tried activate activity too, but it doesn’t really activated the form because the bot fail to find the selector of the oracle. :frowning:

Is there any other way?


Could you provide a screenshot of the selector for your Oracle Java Application for the Activate activity?