How to make like these type instructions?

Can it possible?

what do you think any variable which can automatically hold the data of files

from path of folder or any brows method for media files .

Hi @Deepak_Gautam

What do you want exactly?
I didn’t understand your question.

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Can we browse video file through ui path and upload all into twitter

And very simple way

I maded but need to enter the name and path of video

Any solution with name and path brows and upload BOT will upload one by one.

Can you give me more information about it. Where are the videos?

video will brows from drives let me show you

process recodring

see video now above link on question

You mean: you want to go through excel file and get the data from it an upload the data to Twitter?
You don’t want to get it always from Excel, but as a variable (DataTable)?

You have to read the Excel file using (Read Range Activity). Save the data as mideaData variable.
Then add (For Each Row Activity) and add your process in it.
You have only to open the browser before reading the data from excel, because you only want to open the browser only one time at the beginning. But you can open the browser and close it every time for each video.

See the attached process.

TEST_UploadDataToTwitter.xaml (6.6 KB)

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How i can create form in uipath like these as above image

thanks for solution man

Yes. To do this use the activity: Create Form


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can you do small help I want it’s layout small because not want scroll and
I am unable to fix it’s resolution

UiPath_Forms_Template.json (1.5 KB)