How to make let the robot not stop at the throw activity in debug mode

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When I run my robot in debug mode it stops at the throw activity. Is it possible to make sure it does not do that, or at least continue with the next transaction instead of stepping out of every activity the throw activity is in.

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In studio, the default “Run” option (the big blue arrow) is debug.

If you click the text “Debug File” then select “Run file” that should continue without stopping.


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Thank you for your response, the problem is that I do want the robot to stop at breakpoints, just not when a transaction item is thrown.




At the throw activity (I think) there is an option to not stop the workflow.

Let me know how you go :slight_smile:

Hi, sorry for the late replay,

In the debug mode there is the option of not stopping at exceptions, however this also makes it not stopping at errors, while I am trying to only continue when there is a throw.

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