How to make Element exsit with IF and looping activity

I have IF condition for elmenent exist.
My problem is when condition false, robot didn’t go to ELSE activity.
However, it keep looping to next row and proceed write cell as set in THEN.
Payment Request (307.3 KB)

Can someone please advise where my setting was wrong.?

watch this series

@Gokion i changed your element exist activity to “check app state”
can you see if it works
Payment Request (257.4 KB)


Hi @Gokion,

I reviewed your project, but there is a missing resource. I will answer here without knowing what you are automating. I hope it helps you.

Your timeout seems to be 2 seconds, increase it considering the page load. And make sure the selectors choose the right place.



@jack.chan Thank you for your advise. I tried Check App State. But it doesn’t work.
Robot didn’t proceed for both when target appears and target doesn’t appear.
I attached again here the error shown.

@muhammedyuzuak I tried to adjust timeout. But it still not success.
I attached here my resource in excel
Payment Request_06.06.22_03.34PM_Checked3.xlsx (131.9 KB)

Can we get URL of this webpage?

Hi all…
It seems that there is problem about my element. So, I changed to new one.
Now “Check App State” activity is working perfect.!

Thanks so much for your help.


Hi @Gokion

If you feel sometimes web page takes time to load

Kindly increase element exist accordingly

So that it won’t go to ur else condition fastly

And there is no problem in increasing timeout

Because if the required element appear faster than the time you have mentioned it proceeds to next activity suddenly @Gokion