How to make dynamic path

How to make dynamic path so that it work on every where

Maintain path in config


please elaborate

I have a zip file in a zip folder i have to unzip that and unzip files in unzip folder then I need to create the path in such a manner that it should be dynamic not static i.e the unzip files have time stamp on that eg. Mnk12/12/2008
The activity should work on other systems like folder I have created on myself machine but on other machine it may not be available

You wanted to create a folder based on the files names from Unzipped files?

Can it be done then yes

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Create folder activity can help to create folders as per our need.

  1. First Unzip the folder, Get the list of files in the folder
  2. Loop the list in for each and use create folder in for each
  3. Folder will get created
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@hacky @karthick @Palaniyappan

Example path : "C:\Users\manoj\Desktop\zip" + now.ToString(“dd_MMM_yyyy”)

above is the path on my machine. what i want is i want to make this path in such a way when i try this path on other machine it should run ZIP is folder that can be made on other machine

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Yah pls go ahead
But a small correction

Cheers @manoj2500