How to make custom rules in workflow analyzer for annotations, if's, etc?

I saw the documentation and the webinar from here: Create Custom Rule In Workflow Analyzer - #8 by Hawkins, but neither of those explain how to access other stuff besides variables, like for example, annotations, if’s, etc, can anyone explain me now? both explain that here in the IActivityModel type, in this case the variable named “activityToInspect” exists the Variable property (31.40 Webinar) but like this image shows, if you access each of those elements it only allows to see variables and arguments, and stuff like Type, Parent, Child etc doesn’t give you any more properties to access those.

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Hi @Sebastian_Silva1,

Kindly refer

They explained the process in detail.

They explain how to do it with variables, but not with other elements like annotations, cycles, conditionals, etc, did you discover how to access them?

If you go through the documentation, there are 3 scopes,1)Activity 2)Workflow 3)Project . You can access all the activities (Including variables, annotations,loops, every activity in uipath) with IActivityMode scope.
For activities also, it is pretty much similar to how they did it for variables.

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I know is much to ask, but can you give me an example of the methods/properties to access for example an annotation?

I suppose annotatios are in the activity scope, but the activity scope doesnt admit for example something like IActivityModel.Properties.Annotations

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Is your issue resolved??

No, sorry

I am working on the same, I would be able to help you in couple of days.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

sorry guys, is this resolved? as I am working to get the annotation value for workflow analyzer and cannot find any answer how to do it.

No it’s not :frowning:

Any solution to get Annotations? :smirk: