How to make connection with MS dataverse in Uipath studio

Hello all,

I have one urgent requirement for one of my projects to access data from MS Dataverse and manipulate data based on certain conditions, (Ex. joins and query-based).

Please help me!!
any suggestions please let me know.

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Hi @abhijeet_dhawas ,

Probably this answer will create more questions than solutions, but here’s my input. I know very little of Dataverse but to my understanding the service is embeded in teams providing a data source that can be later integrated with Power Platform.

Short answer is: UiPath doesn’t provide an out of the box connector to this service. However, you can always reach it using API calls, for that you will need to register an application with the help of your office administrator in order to set up a connection and be able to connect. Chances are you will struggle with the authentication since microsoft is disabling simple authentication with most of their integration services. Going into deep into detail with that, falls into a complete different realm of the purpose of this forum.

My personal approach is have your uipath automation send/retrieve data to a SQL server database which will serve as a bridge between uipath and dataverse

UiPath ← read/write → SQL <–read/write → Dataverse

while my approach is only theoretical, it seems feasible from an architecture standpoint, I listed a few documents.

Use SQL to query data (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs
Developers: Get started with Microsoft Dataverse - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs
Connect to Microsoft Dataverse (contains video) - Business Central | Microsoft Docs

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Hey @abhijeet_dhawas,

you can access a Power Platform Environment, where your Dataverse table is stored, just like a MS Dynamics environment.
Check out this activity Package from UiPath:

If you have setup your connection to your power platform environment you can use e.g. the “get record” activities for you dataverse tables.


I have had issues with the Dynamics connectors working unattended, they work fine (for the most part) however, when they run from the assistant (on the same machine as the unattended) they work fine… I checked the connections from assistant and it connects via D365 single sign on just fine… any advice would be greatly appreciated

Hi @Nathan_Betters,

I used application ID and secret to connect to dataverse