How to make click in this webpage

I want to make clic in this table in a web page

I want to make clic in the fourt row, so I use the click activity but that only work when I execute the first time, after that doesnt work anymore the UiPath says it has been clic but in reality that never happen, I am using like an anchor the tittle “Generacion fase de recaudos”
This is My selector


I would suggest use a different approach…

As it is a table…you can get relation between each column…

So first use get attribute with a selector containing your required text… it looks something like this

<webctrl tag=‘tr’ tablecolumn =‘5’ innertext=‘text youa re looking for’ />

And get the attribute tablerow…which gives you the row you need

Now use click with

<webctrl tag=‘tr’ tablerow=‘value obtained previously’ tablecolumn=‘1’ />

Note: selector given are for illustrations…actual selectors might be little different …please use ui explorer to check them

Hope this helps



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