How to make click dynamic

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is doing great. I am having confusion in making click dynamic it would be great if you would help me out.

So, by dynamic click my mean is, I am having a website which contains street addresses for locations. I have to click the street address add copy it. Now issue is that for some locations street addresses are n in numbers. (n could be 24 30 any integer). So how can I make a click dynamic that if there is 10 street addresses click all of them and then process to next step. I am attaching screenshots here for more clarification.

You may see in screenshots we have different number of street addresses.

Hi @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch

did you try to use the for each ui element activity?
retrieve all the list you want to click, then pass currentElement to click activity

also you can use a dynamic click by editing the selector, probably you will find a property called Idx, create a counter and pass that variable


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No I haven’t used the Ui element activity let me do with this way. Thanks

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Thank you dear for each ui element activity resolved my issue.

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