How to make Attach Browser work with tabs too?

I am using IE and during the process, there will be more than 3-4 tabs open at the same time. There is only one window though. One window is going to have multiple tabs.

During the process, it needs to keep going between one tab and another.

The problem I am having is, when I try to do some operation on one tab, and if another tab is open, it won’t work. I am using Attach Browser, and it doesn’t bring the tab I want to the front.

It only works if the tab is already open and it is already showing. But if another tab is open, it won’t bring the tab I want to the front, and it fails.
How can I fix this problem?

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Attach browser is something like a scope to enable the upcoming activities inside that attach browser container, to access the UI elements. Like a partial selector.
Which is different from activating a window or a tab in browser
If we know the url we can try with NAVIGATE TO URL activity
Ctrl+tab to navigate to the url we want and then use attach browser so that the activities inside that container will be now able to access the UI elements

Cheers @tomato25

Nagivate To activity has to be used within Attach Browser, but my problem is happening because UiPath cannot find the selector to the AttachBrowser.

Also, I cannot use Ctrl + tab to navigate to a certain tab I wanna do operation on, because I don’t know how many tabs are open at that time.