How to make Anchor elements from a untagged pdf document by searching(Ctrl+f) a text?

I can’t find a proper way to do this. Can anybody help me out in this case?

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal
Can you try with Regex?


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We can either use READ PDF or READ PDF with OCR and read the pdf first, store it as a string variable

The main aim is to keep a word as a anchor and get its nearby value

So if the word always lies in same place and all the words in pdf are accessible as individual elements then we can use
—start process and pass the FilePath of pdf as input which will open the pdf file
—then use SEND HOT KEY activity and mention as ctrl+f
—use type into activity and mention the word as input
—and a send hot key with enter as key and this will take us to the spot where that word lies and then we can use anchor base activity


If the word position is not stable then we need to read the pdf with either of the pdf activities and get that as a string output
Then use REGEX where we can have that anchor word and find the words near to it
Then we use normal string manipulations to get the exact word

Cheers @Ankit_Kanjilal

Hi Gokul, I don’t know much about Regular expression. Can you tell me in a detailed way?

Hi Palaniyappan, I understand the first way. I will try to do that now. Thank you for explaining in that way.
And will try to figure out how to do that with regex too.

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Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal

For example, In this message, I need to get the name next to the “Hi”

Thanks, Gokul.

Hi @Ankit_Kanjilal
Then close this case. Mark as solved

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