How to make always listening job

I am just starting out with UIPath. I am automating server patching and am having UIPath automate logging into the server after it is patched to verify it can be logged into. I am wonder if someone can help me with 2 issues. I have a software creating a text file and putting it somewhere for UIPath to watch and then act on when the file arrives. This file has the server name which I set to a variable to do the logging in task. What I am curious is 1, how can I get this server name from the file and add it to a queue so that if multiple servers create this file while the remote job is running that it will add the new servers to a queue and 2, how can I get the job to go back to run the same remoting tasks on the next queued item.

Yes you can achieve using monitor events, on file change trigger or on file creation event you can read the value of that text file and add that to orchestrator

I have this part done but I have an issue with knowing how to have a job monitoring for the file creation and setting the value to a queue of values if that makes sense.