How to make a table of columns 3 with the table of columns 1?


I am studying “excel and data tables automation” / “data amanipulation”

I collected irregular web data on a screen scraping,
The table is 1 column table.

I use build data table-add data rows
I’m trying to make a new table (3 col table) !!

The point of my question is
First, use “each for row” activities in irregular data tables.
I want the data to move to the desired location.(col1 > col2 or col1 > col3)

For example,
I will extract the table value using “for each row”.

Among the row data,

If there is a “movie theater” word,

– rows.contains(“movie theater”)

That data

It is located in (E2) of the column of the movie theater.

Question I need !!
The next row data (time data) move to (G2) column of times!
And Next row data (seat data) move to (seats) the column of the seats.

How do I get from the row that checking “movie theater” to the third data coloumn?

How do I get to the second third data coloumn from the row that recognizes the " mouse theater" first data?

Please give me an idea …
Good example or anything. Help me.

test_0620_032708.xlsx (12.2 KB)


I have given a sample workflow to move “movie theater” values to another column containing only distinct values. (12.9 KB)

It uses quite advanced activities like Collections. If you need any clarifications, just let me know.

Saranya K R

thanks ^^ !!!