How to make a loop for clientname in excel column and store name in variable so that when 1st name is read from cell it go to web page in conversation list and open that client's name chat

working on a web page like upwork and want to open the chat from chat list by writing all names in excel sheet and making a loop to read and open chat

Hi @Avani_Vindhyawasiny,

Once you have the client names in a datatable, you can use a for each row activity which will iterate through the rows in the data. Then inside of the for each you can include the activities you wish to perform, such as clicking on the name in upwork to initiate the chat.

You only need to use one click activity no matter which name you want to click, if you edit the selector of the click so you remove the persons name and insert the value from the row you are iterating through instead ( e.g. {{row(0).tostring}}. this way each time it clicks it will click on the name of the person from your dataset.

I hope this helps

thanx @Djh I will try this…

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