How to maintain production and staging environment in UiPath without using Orchestrator


I have license version UiPath studio, 2 Attended Robot, 1 robot for Production and 2nd one is for staging.

Note - I do not have use Orchestrator license.

  1. I have a concern with How to maintain both environments to publish workflow.

  2. When I publish workflow at that time Should I maintain the environment for Staging or Production?

Like - Staging URL and Production URL are different in both environment.

Please help me with this solution ASAP.


Hi @sams

You will need to figure out a way of tracking your source code first. We support TFS, SVN and in the next Enterprise edition also GIT.

Then, you will need to figure out a way to store your files and move them between environments. It is possible to publish a project to a path on your hard drive, so no need to worry about not having Orchestrator :slight_smile: