How to maintain Activity package in Orchestrator

I want to know how to maintain activity package in Orchestrator.
Is there any document about this?
I think activity package (ex. UiPath.Excel.Activities etc.) exists robot machine, orchestrator machine, UiPath official website(MyGet feed) .
My understanding is, orchestrator should be central repository of activity package which distribute right version to each robot machine.
So I think maintenance of activity package in orchestrator is one of admin task.

I already refered here.

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same issue here.
I cannot find a “how to test” procedure to say if Activites feed is ok or ko.

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Hi All,

I need some help with the below error:

System error at initialization: Cannot create unknown type ‘{}ReadRange’. at Source: UiPath.Core.Activities"

I have already updated all the packages i need and If i run the process manually on the machine it works perfectly fine but after publishing the project to Orchestrator and try to run it manually from there it gives me the above error on the log details of the job.

I have switch the location from local into network and publish the project but i kept getting the same error.

Any suggestion on how to solve this? i greatly appreciate any information you may have. Thanks

Hi @Khriz1989

If it runs locally but not from Orchestrator, then it most likely means that the package is not properly downloaded from Orchestrator.

This might give you a clue:

You should copy your local activity package from the Studio installation folder into the Orchestrator activity feed. It should work then.