How to loop zip folder

I want to zip folder in path New Folder as below. (output = zip folder in highlight)


Please guide me about it.

Hi @fairymemay

Please try this,

zipArray- array

zipArray = Directory.getfiles(“yourfolderpath”,*.zip")


@prasath_S no, I want output​ zip folder​ as below.
folder AB , AC , AS34

output , ,

Please suggest me about it.

So you want to zip all these folders right??

Use compress/Zip files activity available in under System Activities.

using this you can zip files/ folders/multiple files and multiple folders.

@prasath17 1 folder to 1 Zip
EX. folder AB —>
folder AC —>

@fairymemay - Please check this…

For Each Argument type is string.

Note: Replace MoveFiles with your FolderName

My Output


Hope this helps…

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