How to loop through script?

How to loop through script ?

like what i need is if i put 3 data like username,password,nickname in excel sheet … script will run for 3 time then it will stop execution …

i already done like this in my project : first i open browser then it will fill all information as i given in excel sheet then it will close the browser then last i added open browser activity… so everything is working properly like its reading data perfectly … but problem is after reading 3rd row the browser is opening because i added “open browser” activity at last of my project…
in simple word what i need is : if i give 3 inputs it will fill information in site then after completing of 3rd row it will close browser …

this is my last activity if i dont add “open browser” it wont read the second row like it stop the script if i give input of 3 in excel sheet


You can use For each row to loop into excel sheet
place the activites inside the for each loop, so once your loop completed, you can place other activities like close window outside the loop

Hope this helps you


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