how to loop through all the notices in the webpage without data scraping

Hi All,

This is really urgent please help me to resolve this,

above is the page where i need to work on and challenge here is there will be a dynamic number of actions so need to loop through all the view notices and perform some other conditions also this cannot be done using data scraping bcz there is no unique number in the notices. so please help me

can you capture selector of 1st and 2nd “view notices” button and paste here

Hi @bhanu.priya2 ,

What is not possible to scrape here? Check for element exits for Notice and Financial Year then scrape the data. For View Notice, when you scrape remove the “View Notices(1)” with “View Notices(*)” and try to get the url. Once you scraped the data then you can loop through that url.


Fine did we try with FIND CHILDREN activity and getting the descendants

Cheers @bhanu.priya2