How to loop through all the icons( push button ) on windows applications

My application is target on Skype. All my contact actually is a push button on the skype application( windows). I would do a task to loop through all the contacts. That means I need to double click on all the buttons. Is there anyone have experience on how to get the list for all the buttons/ contacts?

What buttons are you referring to. I guess I don’t clearly understand the question. Can you give more information, or more screen shots? Loop through all of what buttons? And what is end purpose of that so that we know what activity would work best. Are you needing to extract information? Are you looping through the buttons to find a particular button?

To make it simple, I want to go through all the Contact and extract contact`s name and then send message to these people. For example, if name is James, I want to send message “Good morning, James”.
So, first step, need to be able to find all the buttons in that panel.

so is it “find children” and “for each” activity can do this job? Is there any way use add condition to selector?

Sounds like that should work.