How to loop through all credential in Asset under Orchestrator

I want to get all credentials saved in Asset to backup in Windows Credential Manager.

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Buddy @Jerome_Cabutotan

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  1. Create a list or array of assets with asset name that you have in your orchestrator…
  2. Iterate that with a for each loop and pass that list as input to the for each loop, changing the type argument as string
    3.Use get assets or get credentials within the for each loop, get that output with the variable name out_assets
  3. create a variable named out_list_assets of type list in variable panel and make sure when you create the list variable in the variable panel, it is created with a default value like new list(of string)
  4. Use add to collection activity with inputs like collection as out_list_assets created above and value as item obtained from for each loop , and change the type argument in add to collection as string
  5. now you have all the assets as backup in a list which you can store to any variable or use anywhere buddy by just iterating that list of values

Thats all buddy you are done
Cheers @Jerome_Cabutotan

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Thanks man. I anticipated the same since i can view the Asset Name. :slight_smile:

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Thats great
Cheers @Jerome_Cabutotan

Keep going

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