How to loop on the same row for a data table X, if it fails


I am trying to repeat the same row on the data table if it fails to process in our application.

For example : I have a purchase order number 700 and the line items to it couldn’t process and fails.

My workaround : I will re-login into the application on the same PO and process the row again which has failed in the application.

Question: I want to know the condition what to put so that I can process the same row again after re-login and once success, it should go to next row of the data table.

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Instead of looping the same row whenever it is failed

You can maintain a column as status and you can mark as Success upon success records to that column, so this way you can always run your process and put a condition to filter Success records and work on remaining records which are fail / not processed

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Thank you so much @ksrinu070184

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