How to loop in columns

i was attaching the sampl CSV. file and just a sample link.for you to create a work flow


what i need is it should enter the names in the the email box and should click login button. off course it will not login as wrong mail address was there. now it should again enter the next column data of same row and click login button again again it will not enter as login details are wrong it should repeat until the column becomes null it should iterate until the column is null. after completing that row it should come to second row and should perform same action

i think this will give me exact solution can you please create a work flow for this so that i can modify it according to my application but the process is this please create a work flow for this with the CSV file i was stuck at this pleaseNew Microsoft Office Excel (273 Bytes)

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Hello, try to do it your self first ! If you get stuck in what ever, i ll be glad to help you !

This way, you will learn to practice this by your own :slight_smile:


@mz3bel hai I have tried many times and many types please help me with the work flow or please tell me how to do I will do it

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Sure, let’s see !

1 - Read Range Activity to read your CSV File, save data as DataTable ;

2 - For Each Row Activity to iterate through your data ;

3 - Inside For Each Row Activity, add Open Browser Activity and Attach your WebSite “Example : Facebook Login Page” ;

4 - Inside Open Browser Activity, add Type Into Activity, to pass login and password. Which you get from your CSV File.

Note * This will iterate through your CSV, get all login and passwords, than opens your website and log in using your CSV data. Until, there’s no more! Of course, you will have to make some changes depending on your needs!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@mz3bel bro you are saying for for each row but the iteration should be through column wise let’s it should enter name in column one of row 1 first and then column 2 of row 2 untill the column in the row is empty after first row is completed it should come to second row and should do the same thing


When you use For Each Row, you iterate through the whole table. It’s up to you on how to use it!

For example : You can display only some rows, like


What will be happening, is that inside your type into, it will change values each time it iterates in the loop, until there’s no more data inside :slight_smile:

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@mz3bel bro you are saying for row iam asking for column see if we take for each row in the type innto we will write ROW(“column heading”) so it will enter the value of that column of that row ok it is fina after this again it should iterate and should enter the value of the next column of same row it should do it untill the column is empty


You can use all the content of your CSV File :slight_smile:

Example : row(“Column0”).ToString, row(“Column1”).ToString… row(“Column10”).ToString

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@mz3bel please see the post I have attached the CSV file also

@mz3bel but some times we have 100s of columns we can not write the 100s of type in to s right soo I need to itterate untill column is empty


Ok, instead of using for each loop, use a while activity until an index which starts at 0 is less than yourdata.Columns.Count, access your value using yourdata(0)(index).

@mz3bel please can you create a sample work flow as stuck at this in my project from a month please please