How to loop in column

i was attaching the sampl CSV. file and just a dummy link!ChRVVml3MkVBVFNRT2o2dkUzd1FFRhIfSThoM00wSUFCMHNhOEhuU1JuY2dubXJ1bWdPdkNoYw∙AF-3PDcAAAAAXmJTm_HwhZhA8bqNrPhJA2GSUst0RFrc&oauthgdpr=1&xsrfsig=ChkAeAh8T2GSbWnEClSXUcBwl2CApB8pzDmIEg5hcHByb3ZhbF9zdGF0ZRILZGVzdGluYXRpb24SBXNvYWN1Eg9vYXV0aHJpc2t5c2NvcGU

what i need is it should enter the names in the the email box and should click login button. off course it will not login as wrong mail address was there now it should again enter the next column data of same row and click login button again again it will not enter as login details are wrong it should repeat until the column becomes null it should iterate until the column is null. after completing that row it should come to second row and should perform same action

i think this will give me exact solution can you please create a work flow for this so that i can modify it according to my application but the process is thisNew Microsoft Office Excel (273 Bytes)

@bpt.teja1996 I have noticed that you have Same Column Names Repeated, Is that same in your Case or is it a Typo Mistake? Normally, the Column names Shouldn’t be Repeated :sweat_smile:

Check this workflow, @bpt.teja1996 (23.6 KB)

Hai @supermanPunch it was a typo can you please help me proving any work flow