How to loop for multiple pages?

Can someone help me how to download this process?

  1. First, I need to check the box 1 by 1
  2. Then I need to click Generate Invoice

This process not for extract data, but need to download the invoice by each customer name. My question is how to loop to download the invoice but has multiple pages?

You can use the click activity and try to get the selector and make it dynamic by using a counter and loop thru all the check boxes on the page. So, after the checkbox is clicked, then another click for download. You may want to save the invoice using the customer name, which you can get using get attribute activity.
Once the loop is complete for a page, then you can use element exist activity to check if the next page link is active. If exists, you can use click activity to goto next page. If you have fixed number of pages, you can hard code that number to loop to that many number of pages.

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@sawaseem can you show a sample of step? I try many time but robot still click on same location without looping.

You could follow this example

When you click on the checkbox, you get the selector. You need to replace a unique attribute(like aaname or id, etc) in the selector with a counter, that is incremented by one each time in the loop.