How to loop emai ids one by one in a website and paste the request number to excel

Hello community!

I want to enter the email ids one by one

As shown in the above website.
Bot will enter first email id and then it will click on submit,After that there are few options to select it will select that one by one, and at last after filling all the details for this one mail id…one request number will get genrated i want to extract only that request number and i have to paste it in a excel ill attach a sample

Like this i want to maintain
And after extracting request number,Bot will logout that page and it will do same steps for next mail id.
What logic i can use?


I hope you have emails also in the same excel…

  1. for each row in excel or read data into datatable and use for each row in datatable
  2. Inside loop currentRow("EmailId").ToString will give the id…next in the loop perform all remaining steps till end
  3. Use get text to get the request number
  4. Use assign with currentRow("RequestNumber") = reqnum

The same process repeats for each row


@Anil_G i have added that mail ids in config sheet actually i have stored that mail ids in array and i am taking values from config.

HI @Priyesh_Shetty1

  1. Use read range activity → to Read the Input excel file (ie Whre you have email ids) → Store it in DtInput
  2. Use Open Browser activity → Open the Website as you need
  3. Use For each Row in DataTable activity → Pass the DtInput
  4. Type into activity → CurrentRow("Emailid").ToString
  5. Use Get text activity

Check out the XAML file

11.10.2023_Forum_1.xaml (11.7 KB)



If you are storing all the emails ids in a config

Separated them ;

you can use split Function
Then use for each for the collections of emails

And follow the process which you want

Otherwise if any let me know


@Shiva_Nikhil iam storing the values in config only…i want to iterate the email ids one by one.

Have you check this XAML file @Priyesh_Shetty1


If you can do in the same way which i have mentioned
Can you tell the way you are storing in the config


Then please use for each email id…using the for each loop and passing array…

Then use add data row and construct the row with email id and request number as needed and write the data

The logic remains same


@Gokul001 but i have stored the values i mean the emails in config
example-config(“emails”).tostring.split(","c).toarray like this

And second thing is once the request number is extracted and pasted in excel it will logout that website and again it will login from there and enter 2nd email id and do the same step?

@Shiva_Nikhil example-config(“emails”).tostring.split(","c).toarray like this
i have stored.

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty1

Okay, Then you need to add all the things inside the Loop

Can you share the sample config file here

@Gokul001 sorry but due to some restrictions by company it is system is not allowing to share a file…how can i do that then?



use for each activity to loop through each mail id

and inside place all the activities which you need to do


Hi @Priyesh_Shetty1

How the email look in the Config file

Some thing like this,,

@Gokul001 yes gokul it looks like this exactly

Hi @Priyesh_Shetty1

Check out the XAML file

11.10.2023_Forum_2.xaml (11.7 KB)


@Gokul001 thank u this method worked…once ill get the request number i want to do it like this

My 4 files name is WBR9C and the name will remain same only for the process so as shown in above image i want to maintain flagging and i want to paste that request number in front of every file.

I need to add request status and request number in excel sheet.

HI @Priyesh_Shetty1

After extracting the Request No You can Use Lookup activity to get the range .

pass the out value in the Write cell and enter the value in the excel file

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