How to loop copy each excel cell to browser input

Hi guys,
First of all, it s first month on rpa, i m a newbie :grimacing:
I have the following task: a bot wich enters excel data to some browser inputs. I’ve made the first part where it opens the browser, enters login data etc, then a flowchart with excel application scope with a read range activity where (the problem) i added for each row activity with excel file as input. After i ve made (as i know, this is the logic aproach) get row item for the columns (title,code etc), i assigned the variable for “title”(title) to “row(0)ToString”. My problem is that the robot types the whole column, and not just the first cell. What i need is to copy the first cell, then types the description (another column) in the next input field but it is not even go to that input.
Following a similar answer on this task, I think the solution for this is to create two variables “row_counter” and “column_counter” with default value of “0”, and then somehow increment the loop with 1. I ve setted the two variables for counger, but my problem was that i didn’t understand how implement that specific loop (Reads from left to right, copy first cell, paste the value in the input with type into, then goes to the next cell from the next column (e.g.‘desciption’) and paste the value in the second input till it ends the cell’s data and then clicks an submit input, and goes to the next row and does the same process. I got lost with this process and i hope i explained it ok


type row.item(0).ToString to get first cell value, row.item(1).ToString to get second cell value so on…

Hi @ss.dub,

You have already read the title and description using the two activities Get Row Item. So the output of Get Row Item or Value should be assigned to a variable. Like this.


There is no need for the two Assign activities.

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