How to loop Click Activity

I came into a problem automating this project where I have to extract data from an excel sheet.
Firstly, I have to open the Hyperlinks given in column Date like November 2020, etc.
Then, from that hyperlink, I have to extract data.

I am not able to loop through the table so that it clicks on every hyperlink and extracts the data.
Please give a solution.

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You can scrape the data from that table, like this.

And from that firstcolumn you will get the hyper link text. Using the below selectors you can change the ‚ÄėNovember 2007‚Äô to a variable and get the value from the table row first column.

<html title='FII &amp; DII Trading Activity in Cash, Futures and Options, MF SEBI &amp; FII SEBI Daily Trends Stocks Data' />
<webctrl aaname='November 2007' parentid='pficash' tag='A' />

PDFToExcel.xaml (11.3 KB)


Check this xaml, it is working for me in IE.

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Hi @Prashant_Singh26
I got the issue you are facing…
Firstly while scraping the data… Instead of clicking on the November link… Scrape the URL of November…
Later you navigate to all the URLs in a for each and extract the internal data inside each hyperlink…
Let me know if it helps you…