How to loop a datatable and pick only multiplication of 10th row only

I would like to loop a data table and pick only rows which are in the iteration of 10 like row no#10, 20,30 etc till the end of total rows?

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give a try on following:
for each activity - item - Typeargument: DataRow - Values: YourDataTableVar.AsEnumerable.Where(Function (x, i) i Mod 10 = 0).Skip(1)

Statement will return 10, 20…th row and send it to processing implemented inside the for each body

Thanks you for your reply, Can you tell me where should i be putting the function you mentioned?

on the field right to in

Do I need to change the variable type instead of data table?



Can you try with below approach? it’s simple one and works as well.

boolLessThanTen = True
totalRow = dt.rows.count
while totalRow >=10 and boolLessThanTen {
if totalRow >=10 {
read file from A1:A10
delete first 10 rows,
after deletion, remaining rows 30 out of 40, 10 is already deleted.
write rows which are less than 10 or do what u wanna.
set a flag false or true.
boolLessThanTen = False

while loop will keep on running until and unless rows become less than 10 and boolean variable is marked as false.

give a try… it followed this approach for my requirement of 20000.



Find starter help here:
LoopOver_NthRow.xaml (7.3 KB)

Thanks you, it worked

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