How to loop a certain activity on a table

Hi every one i have an issue can any one help me i have a table in one of the web application. in the table one of the column has a box which turns in drop down after a click and should select the values either YES or NO now i want to iterate and want to make all the rows of that column in to NO for that i was using this method

the method is- extracting structured data and save it as data table in a variable and by taking for each row loop(for each row in data table and in the body i have given one click and one drop down selection events) to that data table. it was working bad only top 3-4 or 5-6 rows are getting changed and it was skipping the rest. can any one help me how do this please

Did you check how many rows were extracted? Use the debug feature to check the values in real time and use the step by step execution.

Then check the selectors for each drop down activity. Do these selectors have a pattern? Does the pattern break at row 3-6?

How to check that


@Testing360 is the table i have if we click on that yellow mark it will change to drop down how to do that if you can do please send a sample file i can check and work on it please.

Hi, I answered a similar question here, where the request was to dynamically check all checkboxes on a page. Let me know if this helps, of if your issue is something else, than identifying controls dynamically.

HI @ThomasStocker yes the page contains that table you see the picture right we have that allow colour boxes if we click on that it will turn in to drop down so i need to click on all of those yellow boxes and sellect the No value from them

Hai thomas i have tested but nothing is happening to it i was just skipping the step
with out any action

hai @ThomasStocker i have tested but nothing is happening to it i was just skipping the step
with out any action


you will have to adapt it of course to your needs. I do not have your application at hand, so I can not build it for you.
Let me just walk you through the steps you could try to reproduce to solve your porblem:

  1. Select the root container on your web app that holds all the items you want to click on using ‘UiPath.Core.Activities.FindChildren’ and use a filter for e.g. the class name of the items you are searching and use FindScope.FIND_DESCENDANTS as Scope


  1. Loop through all those child items via a ‘For-each-loop’


  1. Cast each element to UiElement (TryCast(child,UiPath.Core.UiElement))

  2. Get the required identification criteria for your selector from your casted element (e.g. id)

  3. Create a dynamic selector and add your extracted identification cirteria
    “” & vbCrLf & “<webctrl id=”& “'” & el_id & “'” & " tag=‘INPUT’ />"

  4. Do the operation on your elment by using your previously created selector

Hi @ThomasStocker can i we have a whatsapp call so that i can show you my application to you and you can help me…?

thank you so much @ThomasStockerit was working

one more query we have different pages with that check boxes some accounts have 1 page some has 3 some has 4 so it should perform same action how to go to next page automatically image

I would wrap all the steps so far, including the for loop, into a while loop which has e.g. the following condition:

  • The ‘next page’ arrow is still enabled
  • or the page number matches the ‘of page’ number

Hi @ThomasStocker initially it worked for check boxes when i was trying again today morning it was not working

@ThomasStocker it was skiping the for loop no action is taken


if you dont provide addtional data it is pretty hard to support you here.
Any log details?

Hi @ThomasStocker see the screen shot it was not showing any error it was just skipping the step

Again, that does not help.
I would try to…

  • analyze log from output window
  • add messageboxes or logging in between, e.g to check if you get children or not
  • debug it in Studio with its DEBUG functionality, which will allow you to inspect all variables and its values

Hi @ThomasStocker how to know whether childs are extracted or not

i added message box in between extract child activity aand for loop and in the message box i have variable in which we store output of ectract chaild then i was getting this image