How to look up a value in same excel sheet

Hello Team,

I have a data .PFA.Based on the left side key i have to retry the value in excel.

Please help me.

You mean, using the left cell value, you need to get the value from some other file? @cheersrpa

Hi @cheersrpa,

This is quite similar to your case, just go through this thread,

hey…using the left cell value ,i need to get the right cell(next cell) value

Then you can use VLookup excel function. using that, you can retrieve the value in whatever column you want @cheersrpa

SImple thing is,

Store the data in data table, then looping through that, we can check if the value is “left value”, then get the value of “right cell” :slight_smile:

Hey…can you share the sample.xaml if possible

Still your requirement is not clear for me @cheersrpa

The above process of looping through the datatable can be done if you want to retrieve only one value from the data table. If you want more than some values like 15, better to go with VLookups.

I Want to retry more than one value .

and after retriving the value, you want to write it in some other excel? @cheersrpa