How to look for documents using key words in Excel file

We have key words in Excel file and want to search pdf documents based on key words

Hi @raju_alakuntla

Please elaborate, if possible please share the sample files or screenshots.

Screenshot 2022-04-15 132859

Let me consider an example: for death certificate it is given Yes In the screenshot which I am sharing. So we want to search for the death certificate is available or not?


  • I see that other columns were also set to yes. Does it mean do you search for Policy Number file is available or not ?

  • Also, should the data has to process based on the each row ?

Yes. For each row. If each row is typed as YES, then search for document, if it is NO, then it give a pop up message

Hi @raju_alakuntla ,

Your query was only partially understood.
Could you please elaborate with an example?
Imagine we have a user named “Rahul” whose Death Certificate has to be retrieved:

  • What is the name of the file, and does it follow any naming convention?(e.g.{Name}_Death_Certificate)
  • Where is it located and does each user have its own separate folder with his/her documents?

The more information you provide, the closer we get to developing the right solution for you.

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Ashwin A.K

We are downloading documents from mail to a specific folder. From there we are extracting some data and some check boxes and storing in Excel. If a check box is checked then need to verify for that document. So now can you give some solution please