How to Logout from without using recording?

I am trying to click on logout in naukari website bt because of hovering am not able to click. How to resolve this?


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  1. First use HoverText activity and indicate that element on the page.

  2. Then use Click activity and indicate that logout. At the time of doing this first press F2 key and logout will appear and then indicate it.

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Copy the URL to which the browser is redirected when logout button is pressed.
Use navigate activity, and paste that URL here.

It’s not working bro i tried. Until I am clinking it went off.

Thanks for the information.

thanks bro i will try to do it…

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I hope click activity will work for sure
—but we need to press F2 button and while we reach around last one second get to that log out option so that I won’t go away when the time of three seconds get over and then we can click on the log out button
—make sure that simulate click property is enabled
In click activity

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @dsoni2

_test.xaml (43.1 KB)
Hi @dsoni2 Check this xaml . i have tried in IE it is working
pls check it and let me know

working fine… Thank You … :slight_smile:

Can we do that also by using selectors?

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